<strong><h1><font color="00ffff">PSALTY'S SLEEPYTIME HELPERS<br><font color="yellow">Episode #7 - "Fear-Fightin' Farley" - CD</strong></h1></font>

Sleepytime Helper® series introduces Bobby and Tammy, who just can't get to sleep. Psalty has the remedy - The Incredible Musi-quizical Quilt® - a patchwork quilt made of picture squares of bedtime stories. The kids pick a square and Psalty takes them on a flying quilt adventure. They hover over each story watching it happen (in their imaginations) as it's being told.

In the 7th story in the series, Farley McFirefly helps a little girl, Mary, who is afraid of the dark, of noises in the night, and of being alone. Farley comforts Mary as he shares with her that even when we are asleep God is awake, God is always with us, and is always watching over us so we do not have to be afraid.

SONGS: I Don't Have to Be Afraid, The "Dreamy" Sleepytime Theme, The Sleepytime Helper Theme Reprise

Each CD also comes with a Parent's Guide of suggestions for a successful putting-kids-to-bed experience. CD length: About 20 minutes each, ending in a very soporific Sleepytime theme - good night...tick tock tick tock...Z-z-z-z-z...


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